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5 Gallon Pail Hot Melt System


Power 200 - 240VAC 50/60 Hz - 30 amp max
Air 65 - 90psi
Pump type Gear-pump
Motor Variable speed brushless AC
Pump rate 195 lbs/hr (88.5Kg)
Adhesive All types
Melt rate 40 lbs/hr smooth platen or 58 lbs/hr Conch-Grid plate
Hoses Standard - 6 JIC - 24ft (7.3m) dual outlet cable
Applicators Manual or automatic - extrusion or swirl
Timers Direct panel connection
Air control For spray & swirl optional - integrated in lower cabinet
Dimensions H 52 x W 30 x D 22 (132 x 76 x 56cm)
Weight 5 gallon - 375 lbs (170Kg)
Standards CE & RoHS compliant
The Thermadose® hot melt pail pump system has an innovative elevator enabling easy loading and removal of a pail. The pail is placed on the elevator platform and is automatically raised to engage a static or optional inflatable seal depending on material specifications. A thermal platen is heated to the programmed temperature and the material flows to the gear pump while pressure is maintained by the platen.

Once programmed, a signal actuates a gear-pump with pressure regulation that provides a consistent, pulse-free and repeatable dispense rate. Temperature of the pail contents is kept to an optimum thermal efficiency by either an easy-clean smooth-platen for high-cost materials with low flow rates, or with a spiral-grid thermal platen that increases the surface area in contact with the material and is suitable for high-flow, hard-to-melt materials.

The absence of external rams results in a safe operator environment. All moving functions are fully enclosed and the enclosure is safety interlocked. Swivel-heated hose control-pods provide ergonomic handling for manual operations and dressing of hoses to automated systems.


  • Gear-pump for consistent, pulse-free repeatable dispensing
  • Smooth & Spiral-Grid platens for optimum thermal efficiency
  • Reduced material degradation
  • Over-temperature safety protection
  • Optimum production output
  • Static seal with PTFE wipers or optional inflatable silicone seal
  • Moisture protected and PUR safe
  • Expensive nitrogen systems not required
  • Easy pail removal
  • Fully automatic
  • Automated purge valve - no mess
  • Elevator system automatically raises and lowers pail
  • Pail, elevator and thermal system fully enclosed
  • No moving parts outside of unit
  • Safety interlock door switch
  • Operator safe - no external rams
  • LED illuminated interior
  • Smaller footprint
  • Cross-over system options 55/5 and 55/55 gallon
  • Low- and high-level alarms
  • Integrated self diagnostics

HM5SG 5 gallon pail pump spiral-grid platen
HM5SP 5 gallon pail pump smooth platen