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Static Eliminators
SDJ-02R Compact Static Eliminator SF9-E Intelligent Static Eliminator with Ion Balance Sensor
SDJ-03R Wide Area Static Eliminator F12E-E Static Eliminator
SDJ-06R Hand Held Static Eliminator B-Series Bar Type Static Eliminators
SDJ-08S Clip Mounted Static Eliminator EPS-GT2 Ground Connection Tap
SDJ-09 Bench Mounted Static Eliminator G7-E Light Weight with Light Beam
EPS-01 Anti-Static Wrist Strap with Ground Sensor Eye-01 Electrostatic Field Meter
EPS-02 Anti-Static Wrist Strap with Metal Band  
SDL-01 Static Detector  
SDJ-14 Wide Fan Static Eliminator  
CF-30 The Cross-Flow Fan    

The VESSEL Stat Busters effectively solve the problems caused by static electricity.

  • Dust sticking to lens and optical plates
  • Electrostatic breakdown of electronic components
  • Incomplete extraction of products from molds
  • Painting defects caused by adhering dust
  • Parts clogging in feeders
  • Ink flashing and running in printing
  • Uneven coating of finished products
  • and much, much more....



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