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Solvent Dispenser

Product Models:
Regular Dispensers: SD120R, SD180R, SD240R
Anti-Splash Dispensers: SD120AS, SD180AS, SD240AS

Regular Solvent Dispenser

Anti-Splash Solvent Dispenser

Our soft-touch solvent pump dispenser is designed for a clean and easy one-hand operation. The dispenser has an attached hinged lid to keep out impurities when the container is not in use. The dish-shaped reservoir holds and contains dispensed solvent. The entire pump system is made of stainless steel which can withstand the use of aggressive solvents.

Both the regular and anti-splash dispensers have the same unique pump head design which consists of a precision valve system. This system reduces evaporation while preventing spills and contaminants from entering the container. A celon band seal in the pump system further ensures that the solvent in the container will not be contaminated.

The anti-splash dispenser has a different and unique delivery system, consisting of release ducts angled at 30° angle from the horizontal. This design prevents the solvent from splashing upwards if too much force were applied during dispensing. The release ducts drain the solvent safely into the dish reservoir.

Part Number : SD120R, SD180R, SD240R for Regular pump head
: SD120AS, SD180AS, SD240AS, for Anti-splash pump head
Material of Bottle

: HDPE mixed with anti-static compound

Material of Mechanical Pump

: Stainless Steel

Surface resistance

: 10(power 9) - 10(power 11)

Hazardous Material

: None


: None


: 120ml, 180ml, 240ml


: 76 gram for regular, 83grams for anti-splash

Colour of container

: Pink or Blue

Packing : 10 pieces per box/ 150 pieces per carton
Carton Box Dimensions

: 57cm(L) x 28.5cm (W) x 34cm (H)