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GT-3500GE Gas Powered Impact Wrench


This is the first Gasoline (Benzin) Engine Powered Impact Wrench made by VESSEL, a major air impact wrench manufacturer with many years of experience with fastening technology.

Light in weight, but very powerful wrenching. The engine is not just borrowed from regular chain-saws or lawn-mowers, but specially designed for this wrench to endure high and powerful impact wrenching.

Special features!

  • "Gasoline (Benzin) Engine" driven impact wrench
  • Ideal for all operations in remote areas, this product does not need any external power supply: compressed air, electricity
  • Immediately ready-to-use in emergency situations, ideal for accident and/or natural disasters
  • Only 39.35lb ! Easy to carry and operate
  • Maximum torque: Powerful 1030 Nm to loosen rusted and frozen bolts/nuts
  • Rubber support frame handles for safety and provide an optimumly balanced tool
  • Rubber grip eliminates "White Fingers"
  • Simple and easy start up engine
  • One switch off for emergency. The engine can stopped instantly by sliding the red button to "STOP"

Track Maintenance
For railway industries, fastening and loosening the bolts between rails and sleepers, and fish bolts and the rails.
Oil Industries
Oil Refineries and Mining industries
Dam Construction
Dam and Forestry Industries
Construction Sites
For Heavy-Duty fastening
Emergency Use
For immediate application for reconstruction after natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.