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Hand-Held Liquid Dispensing Pens and Guns

  Finger Switches
Designed for operators who do not prefer the foot pedal control of the dispensing controllers, these finger switches can be mounted directly onto a barrel or cartridge for push-button control.

A squeeze trigger dosing gun for dispensing shots of most fluids. At the press of a trigger the plunger progresses through a syringe providing an accurate shot of fluid.

A pinch tube dispensing pen using polyethylene wetted parts making the dispensing pen suitable for solvent dispensing and cyanoacrylate dispensing.

A needle valve pen suitable for very small shots of low viscosity fluids that do not react with metal.


The AD93 dispensing gun has a similar operation to the JD927 hand dispensing gun, but dispensing is in increments of 1cc to 5cc, barrels are limited to the size of the piston in 35cc or 80cc models.

  Autotube Dispenser
The autotube dispenser is a kit of parts comprising a selected cartridge retainer, retainer cap, cartridge and fittings, which accepts various sizes of fluids packaged in tubes. The Autotube is usually connected to a dispensing controller such as a model DSP501A dispenser. Ideal of accurate dispensing of silicone, grease, and paste.

  Caulking Gun
Dispense caulk, silicone, grease, and sealing materials using this lightweight caulking gun. Connect an air line having a pressure less than 60psi.


  Tube Gun
A comfortable gun designed to dispense material from a tube such as silicone and grease. The design safely protects the tube from damage and the operator from contamination.


  Hand Syringes with Plungers
Syringes with plungers to allow operators to dispense without the need for shop air. Graduated syringes are also available for increased precision of dispensing volume.

  Flux Pens and Bottles
Flow-seal flux pens are supplied empty and can be simply filled with low viscosity fluid. The fluid is dispensed via a unique valve that will not flood. Dispensing pens and dispensing bottles are available. Ideal for flux dispensing and solvent dispensing. Dispensing nibs can be changed.